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Which vote-share the parties will reach in the Dutch parliamentary Election on 09/06/2010?

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Parliamentary election 2010 Netherlands

Question of the market:
Which vote-share the parties will reach in the Dutch parliamentary Election on 09/06/2010?

The shares below can be traded:

Market opening:

Market close:

Market value:

Trading range:
0.01 - 100.00

Initial seed capital:
100,000.00 Ex and additionally

Market conditions:

"How many votes in per cent each party will get on the Dutch general election 2010?"

The following stocks can be traded:

  • Christen Democratisch Appel
  • Partij van de Arbeid
  • Socialistische Partij
  • Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie
  • Partij voor de Vrijheid
  • Groen Links
  • ChristenUnie
  • Democraten 66
  • Andere Parteien

Starting time:
April 28th 2010

Closing time:
June 9th 2010

Trade profit margin:
0,01 - 100 ex

Each participant receives 100,000 ex for all markets of this trading place.

Market conditions:

Procedure for splitting «Others» shares
At the point a share titled «Others» is split trading will be halted for a short time (approx. one minute). In the interim, a new party share will be brought to market and the actual split of the «Others» share carried out. Essentially the process is as follows: Any trader who holds a part of the «Others» share at the time of the split receives an equal part in the new party share brought to the market.

At the time of the split Trader A holds 1500 shares of «Others». The new party share «Z» is brought to market. After the split Trader A possesses 1500 shares of «Others» and 1500 «Z» shares in his/her portfolio.

The following orders will be deleted if a share «Others» is split:
Purchasing and sales orders whose duration is set to «cancel».

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